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"Dreamy" Gigantes Islands


There's more to Iloilo City aside from being the gastronomy capital of the Visayas Island.

Sand, sea and coconut trees at Cabugao Gamay

It is home to Islas de Gigantes, a stunning group of islands known for their clear blue waters, white sand beaches, diverse marine life, and unique rock formations. If you're in for a sea-adventure head to Carles and enjoy the island chain consisting of Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte, along with several smaller islets, and sandbars -- 22 in all!

This summer, you don't need to travel far and search for your favorite island. The island group of Gigantes Islands have them all!

Australian guests and production crew enjoy a dip in the sea at the beach front of Mini Boracay

Dreaming of Boracay white sands?  Gigantes has Tinagong Baybay and Mini Boracay. Be sure to come at low tide to fully enjoy and have that Boracay vibes with its white, fine sand and clear waters.

Enjoying Tangke Lagoon

If you're wanting the allure of Palawan, head to Tangke Saltwater Lagoon. It's beautiful yet the most challenging to visit. Tucked within the steep cliffs of Isla de Gigantes Sur, it is hailed as Iloilo’s hidden paradise. Tangke Lagoon’s refreshing shallow waters and scenic rock formations makes this isolated spot one of the rising tourist attractions in the province despite the narrow and rocky passage both for entry and exit of the lagoon.

                                           On our way to Bantigue sandbar

Care for a magical island? Then go to Bantigue Sandbar Island! It disappears at high tide so be sure to be there at low tide. With its pristine beauty, visitors can't help but enjoy swimming in the island.

For the highly Instagram-worthy island, don't miss Cabugao Gamay. You only have to climb the highest peak of the island and presto you see the beauty of the whole island from above. The sea water surrounding it is friendly and oh so clear and pristine making it the best island to dip and swim.

For those enjoying the warmth and hospitality of the islanders, stay a night or two at Lantangan. Our group stayed at MJ Resort who served us the best harvests and food of the island: lobsters, shrimps, salmon, and scallops in various dish versions: baked, steamed, grilled and adobo, that comes with summer fresh fruits.

Media friends enjoy photo ops at Cabugao Gamay

This writer together with media friends Cheryl Luis and Rodel Fernando had the opportunity to visit the islands along with Australian beauty queens and  Mr. Manhunt International 2022 winner Lochie Carey who gamely model their swimwear, pose for the cameras, run, swim, hike, and  wander around the islands.


Rhett Paul is all praises for the Department of Tourism for the support to the private sector in the promotion of Gigantes Islands

Our visit was made possible by the invitation of Mr. Rhett Paul Bolivar of Gigantes Island Tours and Services, a DOT accredited travel agency which has been zealously promoting the islands in the local and foreign fronts through the years.

So we were like boat people for three days on island- hopping and we covered 11 islands!


Miss Grand Australia 2022 Amber Sidney describes Gigantes as "Dreamy." A regular visitor of the island, she dreams of coming there again after her wedding.

Mr. Manhunt International 2022 Lochie Carey and  beauty queens, from left: Selina Maccloskey (3rd runner-up), Ms. Grand Australia 2023 Mikaela Fowler, and Paitin Powell (1st runner-up) doing the love sign at Carles Port before boarding for Gigantes Islands adventure 

Amber, who is currently the national director for Ms. Grand Australia escorted Ms. Grand Australia 2023 winners to the island as part of their winning prize as well as promoting tourism and cultural exchange between the Philippines and Australia. The visit also served as a wonderful opportunity to showcase the natural wonders, hospitable community, and unique attractions of Gigantes Islands.

Ms. Grand Australia 2022 Amber Sidney enjoying a walk in the beach at Cabugao Gamay with the sunset on the background


Here are the other islands we visited:

Lantangan is home to 33 barangays composed of 8,000 people living harmoniously with one another at the middle of the sea. The Piso Wifi is a hit in the island and makes the islanders connected to the rest of the world.

Pulupandan Islet, the smallest at 25 square meters during high tide, offers refuge for tired fishermen. It's also the place where they converge before going home to sell their marine harvests.

                                         A warm welcome at Balay Kogon at Sicogon Island

Sicogon is the well-kept and organized island of all the islands we visited. It has  strong internet connectivity. Make no wonder, it is owned and operated by Ayala Land. The Kamias juice welcome drinks are nice and refreshing and the KBL dish soured by batuan was my first taste of the famed Ilonggo dish.

Cabugao Dako is the mysterious, deserted island of all the islands. Despite its vastness and proximity to Cabugao Gamay, it is uninhabited resulting in its rugged, natural look which gives quite an unwelcoming vibes to some visitors like myself.

Antonia Island is interesting with its reptile-tail-like rock formation. The island sells halo-halo at P50 per serving and the famed wasay-wasay, a sea shell which tastes like a combination of oysters and tahong. Wasay-wasay is eaten fresh, there is no need for vinegar or other condiments.

There are 22 islands in the island group. Therefore, we missed the 11 islands during our 3-day visit. Oh, we should be back soon!

Our ever-reliable service pumbboat, owned by  Gigantes Islands Tour and Services, docked at Sicogon Island

The group of islands is just a 1.5-hour boat ride from the Port of Carles. Experience island life this summer and enjoy trekking, caving, cliff diving, swimming, camping, jet skiing, banana boat ride, even fishing, and a lot more!

To book your Gigantes Islands adventure, contact mobile nos. 09989816812 and 09771464759 or email: For more details, visit:

From Manila to Capiz to Gigantes: Our team for the island adventure on March 15-19, 2024. Thank you, Rhett Paul Bolivar (standing, right)

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