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3rd Jollibee Family Values Awards: Honoring remarkable families who make a world of difference at home and overseas

LOVE for family is one inherent value which is true among Filipinos. Each and every member of the family give importance to the family. By putting importance to family, a member puts a high regards and concerns over the family before anything else. This is also one of the reasons why a father or a mother in will seek employment abroad just to earn decent earnings for the family, to meet its basic needs and want. But Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Glenda Duque of the United Kingdom have done more than that – by caring for thier extended families, the migrant and OFws in London. In 2003, Michael established the Philippine Nurses Association of the United Kingdom (PNA-UK) to address the challenges Filipino nurses face in the UK. The organization worked with the Philippine Embassy and various health and government sectors, as well as nursing and trade union groups, to develop what is now known as the Overseas Nursing Program (ONP). Through the years, ONP provides Pinoy nurses with work