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The four pillars of success and the Filipinos' indomitable spirit

Text and photos by Leony R. Garcia Imagine a young man in his early 20s trying to eke out a living and raising a family by knocking from one door to another selling shampoos and retractable clothing lines among others. He also peddled products on the streets with items such as non-stick woks and video cleaners in the streets of Penang and East Malaysia. In 1984, the enterprising Malaysian went to the Philippines to promote his invention, the Super Slicer, to test his unwavering resolution to succeed in a foreign land. He started demonstrating his kitchenware product in shopping malls. Sooner than he expected, Sam Low Ban Chai and his products became household names. Slowly but surely, Sam Low has successfully adopted the network marketing business model in his company, Edmark Philippines, Inc., and has brought hope and the opportunity of entrepreneurship to thousands of Filipinos nationwide.   Now a multi-million dollar company with market presence in 26 countries, Edm