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Japan adventure with my travel buddy, Angeline

Japan is trains, subways, bicycles and long walks. The Japanese love walking. I was told they can walk from one to three kilometers. It’s usual in Osaka from morning till night: foreign and local tourists with their luggage and suitcases rolling traverse the sidewalk either on their way to their hotel destination or the train station. Bicycles are also a transportation of choice.  Young and old, man or woman, students or the working class including fashionably-garbed women with makeup ride the bicycle. For longer trips, they take the bus or the trains on scheduled trips. Foreign and local tourists with their luggage in tow all walk to take the train. The Japanese people don’t necessarily need the English language or any other foreign language to survive. It is the guests who need to understand or learn their language. These are some important notes on my recent trip to Japan with my first-timer travel buddy, my 14-year old daughter, Angeline. Angeline is being tre