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Four men and a coffee shop

I love coffee. The stronger it tastes and the aromatic it smells, the better for me. That’s why I always enjoy a trip to coffee shops and coffee-tasting or cupping activities. The Sunday coffee date with select friends from the media and blogging community was one memorable experience if only because we would be tasting coffee in Antipolo. Horray! Tayo na sa Antipolo… known for its manga, suman and kasuy. If you have not been to Antipolo for the last 10 years, like my husband and I do, you will marvel how this area in Rizal have grown by leaps and bounds. There are now more malls around and various business establishments. But the best thing is the road-widening that took place in Sumulong Highway. Coffee buddies and business paertners, from left: Dan Tarraya, Francis Guanco, Joshua Tarrya and Jojit Restauro Because it was a Sunday and our host, PR practitioner Ginny Guanco, provided van service for us, the travel from Cubao was a jiffy. In no time at all, we were ush