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World Heart Day 2023 encourages physical activities and walking

  The lead agency of the World Heart Day (WHD) celebration in the country, the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) underscored the importance of physical activities to abate the surge of cardio vascular diseases (CVDs) in the country through the September 28, 2023, Usapang Puso sa Puso online forum titled “Use Heart to Know Heart.”   The PHA emphasized the maximum benefits and importance of walking: “One of the best simple exercises to live healthier ang walking. Madali lang gawin araw-araw at wala namang kailangan na equipment or facilities,” said Dr. Walid Amil, PHA secretary, and WHD 2023 chair/UPP moderator.   An entry to PHA's poster-making contest on WHD 2023 PHA President Dr. Ronald Cuyco’s short but sweet message: “regardless of one’s age, walking is still the best exercise”. Encapsulating the PHA’s WHD sentiment, he quipped “isa lang ang aming mensahe dito: Use Heart, Know Heart; galaw-galaw para sa puso.”   Dr. Michelle Pipo, a cardiac rehabilitation specia

Malay Tourism Week 2023: 'Isla Boracay' Keeps the Island Cleanup Drive Alive

Sharing in the bayanihan spirit, locals, guests, and tourism service providers take time to help clean up the beaches of Boracay every 5:00 PM for 5 minutes in line with the HIGH 5 Boracay clean-up program. (Photo provided by MBA) With its upbeat and almost danceable tempo and easily understood message on cleanliness and mindful tourism, ‘Isla Boracay’ could easily become the new national anthem of sorts across the island in the days and years to come. (Check out the song at ).  Written and performed by upcoming musician Daenniel Fernandez from Palawan State University, Isla Boracay is the grand winner of the first High 5 Boracay Song Writing Competition, one of the highlights of the Malay Tourism Week 2023 celebration. Winning P100,000 cash prize though the efforts of Boracay MICE Alliance (BMA) together with the Local Government of Malay and the Department of Tourism Region VI, radio stations and establishments across Boracay would play the song daily e

A day of art immersion and undisturbed gaze at Pintô Art Museum

Since officially opening its doors to the public in 2010, Pintô Art Museum, has become the place-to-be and a melting pot of sorts of various arts and artists from all over the Philippines. Owned by esteemed Filipino neurologist and patron of the arts, Dr. Joven Cuanang, the sprawling 1.5-hectare complex in Antipolo has been providing a platform for Filipino and foreign artists to show their works in the last three decades since the day the good doctor became a supporter of practicing artists in the region in the mid ‘80s. Obviously, the name of the museum came from the Tagalog word for door. Aside from the artists and art aficionados, Pintô Art Museum also welcomes the general public to open their minds and hearts to new possibilities, new directions, "by providing a door to reach out to the world, a door for everyone to come in!” Currently, this gateway for modern and contemporary art, has an assemblage of over 300 modern paintings, sculptures, and art installations by va

Kakaba-Kaba Ka Ba?: Know Your Risk for Atrial Fibrillation

Do you experience sudden irregular heartbeat or random episodes of a flip-flopping heart that abruptly slows down? According to heart health experts, palpitations can be triggered by stress, exercise, medication, or rarely, a medical condition. They added that although heart palpitations can be worrisome, they're usually harmless. But should you continue to experience episodes of palpitations coupled with fast breathing and rapid heartbeat, you should take time to consult a cardiologist. This is the advice of heart experts from the Philippine Heart Rhythm Society (PHRS), a medical society of 46 cardiologists who subspecialized to treat patients with heart rhythm disorders including Atrial Fibrillation. The group held the “Atrial Fibrillation Public Awareness” Press Conference on September 16, one of the highlights of the PHRS 9th Convention themed: “Cardiac Electrophysiology Reborn”. Rapid heartbeat that comes and goes and becomes a continuous cycle could be a case of

Building a robust national ICT infrastructure

The opportunities from digital innovations were accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic as limitations on mobility prompted citizens to accelerate migration to digital spaces. In the Philippines, these changes are evident in the growth of digital payment systems, online meeting platforms, electronic health services, online retail, direct delivery services, and many others. However, with increasing connectivity comes increasing cyber threats. That’s why efficient solutions and infrastructure are essential in combating cyber threats and ensuring business survival. Individually, Filipinos are susceptible to data breaches and privacy violations online. On a societal level, cyberattacks by state or non-state actors on critical infrastructure can undermine national security and impact economic activity. While cyber threats originate online, their consequences can manifest beyond the digital space into our physical lives. These kinds of attacks also have direct economic costs. In fact, f

SRES-Marikina receives McDonald’s ReClassified chairs

The San Roque Elementary School in Marikina City is the first beneficiary of McDonald’s Philippines ReClassified Project: A store renovated, a classroom rejuvenated. Nearly 200 McDonald's chairs, repurposed and fitted with arm desk are being used by top students of San Roque from Grade 6-Marubdob on the first day of their classes on September 8, 2023. The chairs were part of the school furniture which the Marikina City government has procured this year to ensure that all public elementary and secondary schools in the city will have enough school furniture, Mayor Marcelino “Marcy” Teodoro said on Friday. An alumnus of the school himself, Mayor Marcy said "education is everyone’s responsibility. Collaborations such as this ReClassified project contribute to our shared goals for Filipino learners. Kaya’t salamat McDonald’s for choosing Marikina and my alma mater, as your first beneficiary,” he said. ReClassified project is an initiative that sees the transforma

Harnessing the power of solar energy in education

QC's BestLink College of the Philippines is now fully solarized! Sept. 5, 2023, saw the official turn over of the 202 Kwp Gridtied Photovoltaic (PV) System to BestLink College MV Campus by Mega Solar PH making Bestlink the first school in QC installed with solar panels and support batteries. This is made possible by the partnership between BestLink and Mega Solar PH, the pioneering force in the solar energy sector. BestLink owner Mrs. Mary Vicente and Mega Solar PH CEO Benjamin L. Kahulugan III share the vision of a cleaner and brighter future. "Solar energy is not just a source of power; it's a beacon of sustainability and environmental responsibility. This installation represents our commitment to a cleaner, greener future, " said Mr. Kahulugan. He emphasized the profound significance of solar energy in today's world. He stated, "Solar energy is a clean, renewable, and abundant source of power. By harnessing the energy of the sun, we reduce our