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Angeline: From bugs bunny to a beautiful swan

Cute, little bugs bunny! Buck teeth may look cute on young kids. But as they grow older and into the teenage years when their teeth become crowded and misaligned, the once cute Bugs Bunnies automatically become eyesores – and a case of concern among parents.  More so, when they develop facial abnormalities and bad oral habits.   Angeline’s upper teeth started flaring up due to overcrowding. Then her misaligned lower gum due to overstaying baby teeth had caused bad shape to her seemingly undeveloped chin. When we had the courage to have the (2) baby teeth extracted, she already had a lopsided face (or tabingi ang mukha in the vernacular). Worst, her lower gum has resembled the V shape. When Dr. Gamaliel Urbi saw her for the first time at his Green Dental Apple Clinic in Trinoma Mall, Quezon City, he readily offered to have her teeth corrected “on charity” as part of his personal advocacy of helping kids attain their full potential – by ‘giving’ them the best facial