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Universal Robina Corporation, Calbee Inc. partner to bring best potato snacks in PHL market

Potato chips lovers, rejoice! Finally Japan’s favorite potato chips is now in the Philippines: Jack n’ Jill Calbee’s Potato Chips,  Pizza Potato and the Jagabee Potato Fries. Calbee, Inc., Japan’s leading snack brand in partnership with Universal Robina Corporation (URC) has successfully brought the best potato snacks experience  in the country. Kids and adults alike love to snack and love the sound of the crunch and the crispiness of potato chips which is perfect for movie marathons, mini reunions or simple summer hangouts with family and friends. Founded in 1949, Calbee assured that its  Potato Chips are made from high quality potatoes cultivated with care “by our farmers. Pizza Potato Chips are made with Calbee’s unique technology called “melt flake”. The technology create “Real Cheese taste” , melting cheese flakes on top of the chips. You can enjoy a real potato taste with “Innovative Crispy texture,” Calbee’s website said.   The two snack giants recently launched t