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Come and visit the vibrant, liveable Corn Capital of the Philippines

Land travel to the Queen Province of the North may take a whole day trip or more but it is always worth it. It was my fourth visit to Isabela and my second for the City of Ilagan, the capital city.  Every time our group of Manila media travels in this Queen province (named after Queen Isabela II of Spain in 1856), various development and infrastructure projects are evident with new roads and bridges being built while tourism sites being improved especially in Ilagan. With a vast 33,500 hectares of production areas for corn (which were already harvested when the Manila media group of 20 arrived for the recent Mammangi Festival 2024), we can’t help but be amazed how the city government defied the onslaught of the El Nino and makes remarkable progress on the side.  And there’s more. Multi-billion development projects await the City of Ilagan as its forward-looking top executive who has earned the moniker,The Working Mayor, in the person of Dr. Josemarie Diaz, was busy meeting investors ev