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The Kumon Method: Every Child Can Shine

I believe every child is unique and special. And  has capabilities of his or her own. I am a mother of four kids with ages 22, 17, 14 and 10. Through the years, I have observed each one of them developed attitude and acquired learning at different levels of their lives. Yet, the one thing I instilled in them during the formative years of their lives – pre-school and elementary years – is for them to be able to stand on their own young as they were. How was it done? I trained them to have a good study habit. They set aside time to study their lessons, review exams, do homework at certain time of the day when I would be available to assist them or guide them. It worked well for a working mom like me. Since then I hardly have problems with the kids not being able to review or failed his exam.    Moms and kids nowadays are a lot luckier because there are hundreds of learning, review and tutorial centers where they can go to assist them. Luckily, Kumon learning center w