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Industry leaders strengthen mission for environmental sustainability program

Buying household items in small packages or sachets provide economic relief for most Filipinos who cannot afford to buy in bulks or wholesale. Unfortunately, these small plastic packages continue to choke Mother Earth as they always contribute to waste problem especially in Metro Manila. Millions of these sachets, containing shampoo, detergent, coffee, among other items, are sold and produced, but their disposal often poses the biggest problem as far as the environment is concerned. Good thing, many big companies now practice CSR  (Corporate Social Responsibility) and have taken to include caring and loving for Mother Earth   --taking it upon themselves to help de-clog the country’s drains, by implementing their own waste management solutions and bring a brighter future to many people not just in the country but worldwide. Unilever Philippines, through its Sachet Recovery Program, has been collecting Surf sachets, which are shredded and mix with other materials to turn into