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Introducing Badingger-Z: The comicbook by award-winning filmmaker Real S. Florido

In a vibrant blaze of color and courage, a new superhero emerges to captivate audiences and champion the fight against oppression. Badingger-Z, adorned in a dazzling rainbow cape, is set to become the beacon of hope for the small town of Santo Tomas, written for comicbook by award-winning filmmaker Real S. Florido. Inspired by a college play written by Rommel Dela Cruz and Byron Barinuevo from the university organization Magwayen Creative Scholar’s Guild in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila, Badingger-Z's narrative adopts a deep dive on Filipinos penchant for superhero stories. The amazing comicbook illustrations are from Alfred Galoroza, a visual artist from Cebu. With additional artwork for the cover art by the young and talented multi-media artist from Davao, Jermaine Tublo. Film director Florido is also a writer and producer renowned for internationally acclaimed movies like 1st Ko Si 3rd, Bakit Di Mo Sabihin, Will You Be My Ex, and Boys Love Kumusta Bro The Series. He produced

Commuter Safety and Protection Convenor says drivers’ refusal to cooperate in PUV modernization is ‘hostage-taking’

PRESS RELEASE   As the government pushes for the full-scale implementation of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program, a notable fraction of jeepney drivers still refuse to consolidate and their defiance, which compromises the overall welfare of commuters, is tantamount to “hostage-taking.” This was the direct statement of the National Center for Commuter Safety and Protection, Inc. Convenor Elvira Medina in a media forum held by Capstone-Intel Corporation about the current state of transportation in the country.  The nationwide survey of Capstone-Intel which aimed to explore public perception on transportation in the Philippines, revealed that the majority of Filipinos “approve” of the initiative with over 70% positive sentiments online. The survey also showed that the jeepney still remains to be among the most commonly used modes of transport across the country. Medina supported the accuracy of Capstone-Intel’s survey as it aligns with the latest statistics saying oer 70% of


  Experience luxury redefined at Regal Hongkong Hotel's Superior Rooms -- lavish European Baroque style and tastefully furnished with spacious 25-meter layouts. Rooms set the standard for first-class hotel accommodation featuring 1 queen or 2 twin beds. Make your stay extraordinary in the heart of Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong's most dynamic shopping districts, bustling with life and commerce, with its high density residential, commercial and financial district that borders Wan Chai to the west and North Point to the east. Therefore, it is regarded for its proximity to all that the city has to offer. Moreover, Causeway Bay is located at the entrance of Cross-Harbour Tunnel and Aberdeen Tunnel, providing convenient access to Kowloon and Southern District. But you really don't need to go to Kowloon to shop and dine. Everything's here in Causeway Bay as our group of PH media and celebrity influencer Ashley Ortega experienced in November 2023. A five minute walk from the h

Supermarket group says nat’l gov’t must develop local industries amid ‘pressing’ food insecurity in the country

PRESS RELEASE   Amid the easing inflation rate in the Philippines, the president of a retail group revealed that in order for the Philippines to “have a brighter future” in the next 20 years, the government has to establish its local industries as Filipinos bear the brunt of “shrinkflation.” This was highlighted during the media forum organized by Capstone-Intel Corporation when it revealed its latest survey on food security where it said only approximately six out of 10 Filipinos will be food-secured in the next six months. According to Steven Cua, president of the Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association (PAGASA), although the country has reached the curb of rising inflation rates, the nation is now facing “shrinkflation” in order for retailers to cater to the budget of consumers. “Shrinkflation, pinag-uusapan natin, nagtataas ang presyo, lumiliit ang laman. Sobrang liit na eh [halos] wala nang laman. Sobrang liit na, eh. For example ‘yung sardinas, 155 (grams) is the regular

ElastoSeal Places 3rd in the PBA 3x3 Season 3 Second Conference

PRESS RELEASE   LAKAS. PUSO. TIBAY. That’s  ElastoSeal Katibays. The Pioneer ElastoSeal definitely improved and stepped up! From seventh overall after the first two stops, the Katibays leapfrogged three places to No. 4 at the halfway point of the mid-season conference. After constantly placing top four in the last conference, it finally made it to the grand finals along with the PBA giants: TnT, Cavitex, Meralco, Terrafirma, Blackwater, and MCFASolver. And finally, third place in the Philippine Basket Ball  Association’s 3x3 Season 3 Second Conference  held from October 16 to November 27, 2023 . The Pioneer ElastoSeal Katibays won its first championship back in 2022, and haven’t placed since. Last November 27’s Grand Finals saw them back on top, placing third to TnT and Cavitex.  It was indeed quite a long journey of ElastoSeal’s road to the finals and bouncing back on top. They may not have won the gold, but they showed heart and tibay to battle it for third place. The winning team to


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Rejoice, Relax & Recharge at Regala Skycity Hotel in Hong Kong

  Regala Skycity Hotel celebrates the vitality of life by balancing world-class hospitality with harmonious experiences that allow guests to rejoice, relax and recharge. And that’s what exactly we did during the recent Philippine media visit to Hong Kong! PH media group with Ashley Ortega is met by VFC Travel and Tours officers upon arrival at HKTA Our group of five, together with Celebrity Influencer Ashley Ortega had the opportunity to experience the charm and hospitality of Regala Skycity Hotel on November 20-23, 2023. And it was a blast! Thank you, Regal Hotels International, for the wonderful experience, and VFC Travel and Tours, for meticulously arranging our four-day itinerary. Here are five reasons why Regala is the best new airport hotel to-go in Hong Kong. The imposing Regala Skycity Hotel by day, just 10 minutes away from the airport 1. It is conveniently located around the transportation hub to the Greater Bay Area and the rest of the world.  Regala is just a short ride awa

HKTB presents Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors

  All it takes is one coin flip and one lie, and it leads Riah down a memory lane of her ex-boyfriend in Hong Kong. She revisits all their special places, hoping to bump into him again and to rekindle their love.  But will this lead her back to him or the beginning of anew journey? Alexa Ilacad is top blogger Riah at "Toss Coin." Together with reel partner KD Estrada, the story visited many local cultural points of interest in Hong Kong including M+ in West Kowloon Cultural District, murals in Sai Kung, Hong Kong Museum of Art, and PMQ in Central, exhibiting the city’s unique cultural aura.   Toss Coin is award-winning  Filipino director Cathy Garcia-Sampana's first micro-film and one of the three Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB's) micro-film series titled Hong Kong in the Lens by Asian Directors. Official poster of HKTB's micro-films series Aside from the "Hello, Love, Goodbye" director, the  participating directors include Korean director Kang Yunsung fo

Thank you, Hong Kong Tourism Board!

From world-class events to seasonal celebrations, there is always something happening in Hong Kong. That's why we chose Hong Kong as our destination in the post-pandemic era.    Thank you, Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), for making our stay in HK extra memorable and truly an adventurous one.  HKTB is a government-subvented body tasked to market and promote Hong Kong as a travel destination worldwide and to enhance visitors' experience once they arrive.  So, HKTB provided us with a coach to roam Hong Kong on February 25, our last day in HK after an experiential stay at two Regal Hotels International properties, Regala SKYCITY Hotel and Regal Hong Kong Hotel. The well-appointed couch picked up our group of PH media reps and celebrity influencer Ashley Ortega at 9:00 am. It was clean and span and our local driver, though hard up in English, is very amiable. He patiently toured us around HK destinations and dropped us to Hong Kong International Airport just on time for our 10:00

Janah Zaplan: 2023 PPop Best New Solo Artist of the Year!

  After finishing her academics for the course Bachelor of Science and Aviation Major in Flying (“flying hours na lang ang kulang to become a full-fledged pilot!”) and having won as PH Pop Best New Solo Artist of the Year from the 8th Philippine Pop (PPOP) Awards, which all took place in November 2023, Janah Zaplan launches her Christmas single, “Pasko’y Nagbabalik.” Yes, everything is coming up roses for the Millennial Pop Princess whom we met when she was 17 and was just starting her singing career. And look at her now! Her years of hard work and dedication to her studies and craft paid off. Janah with mediacon hosts Rommel and Mildred of the PMPC Over the years, Janah has won over many fans throughout the nation with her contagious energy and deep vocals. R&B, soul, electronic, and other genres are blended in her music to provide a unique and contemporary sound. Her songs are entertaining and deep, with lyrics that discuss relationships, love, and self-discovery. The gifted sing