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Filipino Musician Luis Villanueva Makes Waves as Filmmaker on the Global Film Industry

      Luis Villanueva is a winner in the 2023 NFFTY, the world’s largest film festival for young directors.  He is currently working on the unreleased short Filipino documentary film, KAPWA, his first venture into the narrative and documentary space. Luis Villanueva is a Filipino filmmaker based in New York and is currently making his imprint  on the global film industry . He recently graduated from Columbia University with dual degrees in Film Studies and Business Management. Hailing from Manila, this young Filipino filmmaker and musician stands out for his innovative work as a creative. By the time he arrived at Columbia, he already had a major label record deal as an artist signed to Warner Music Group in the Philippines. He was signed at the age of 17 as an artist-producer and has worked with a network of creative collaborators since, accumulating over 2 million streams on his releases. Eventually, he developed his passion for filmmaking by creating music videos for his own m

Diseases of the heart: “Prevention is always better than cure”

  According to the Philippine Heart Association (PHA), the number of cardiovascular deaths due to complications has been on the rise among Filipinos. To date CVDs are the major cause of mortality globally, a scourge that has continued to spread stealthily across all genders, races and socio-economic status.  In the Philippines, many Filipinos do not go to the doctor to have themselves checked. And even if they feel something different or unusual with their body, they take it casually like the symptoms were just due to fatigue or stress. Worst, those who were diagnosed to have heart problems are non-compliant and sometimes would resort to self-medication rather than listening to their attending physicians and following the right prescriptions. The PHA, a group of over 2000 cardiologists from all over the country, who have been in the forefront of mending the Filipino heart for 70 years now, has also taken the cudgels to educate the citizenry on caring for their hearts as the best way ei


February isn’t just the LOVE Month which is commercially celebrated in many parts of the world especially on Valentine’s Day. More importantly, February is officially the Heart Month, the month of the year to promote heart health care as well as to educate the public on the various heart diseases and the growing health concerns among Filipinos. It was in January 1973, by virtue of Proclamation No. 1096, when February every year was declared as Heart Month. The same proclamation stipulates that the Philippine Heart Association (PHA) is the lead agency of the annual celebration, with the Department of Health as partner. This year’s DOH’s Heart Month 2024 theme is: “Piliin ang Puso”. The PHA, together with PHA-Zamboanga Peninsula Chapter, commemorated Heart Month's 51st year in the Philippines with various activities in the city. With the theme, “Strengthening the Community: One Heart @ a Time,” a festive Heart Fair at the KCC Mall was held on February 16, 2024, featuring various acti

Regala Skycity Hotel: A dynamic place for an unforgettable stay

    The best way to revisit Hong Kong in the post pandemic is to stay at Regala Skycity Hotel while exploring Lantau Island and the rest of Hong Kong territories. Regal Hotels International which boasts of a rich heritage of hospitality facilities and grand services dating back to 1979, made the right move of launching Regala Hotels – a new and vibrant hospitality brand that provides a place for celebration and harmonious living. The first opening on February 2023 is Regala Skycity Hotel located at Hong Kong’s new SKYCITY hub. Our group of five media representatives from the Philippines, including celebrity influencer Ashley Ortega, had the opportunity to experience the charm and hospitality of Regala Skycity Hotel in November 2023.  And it was a blast!  Thanks to VFC Travel and Tours, who organized our four-day, fun-filled tour in Hong Kong. Truly, VFC is your very first choice and go-to expert for trips to Hong Kong and beyond. Lantau Island is home  is home Hong Kong Internation