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Sinigang made easy by Aji Sinigang Cube

I don’t consider myself a good cook. But the fact that my kids enjoy whatever food is available and served them (cooked with tender loving care), I’m more than happy that I can be a good one. What do I mean cooking with TLC? Well, I see to it that I have the best ingredients, (but not necessarily the most expensive), I take time to cook, (no-no to short cut, if it should be slow cooking, I will lovingly do it), and I focus and enjoy my cooking. Oh well but as a working mom, I simply can’t cook with TLC every meal time. That’s why it’s a great idea that cooking ingredients are readily available nowadays. But mind you I still go for the original and the instant ones are only used to further enhance my cooking. One of the easiest yet complete dish to prepare is the Sinigang which is traditionally tamarind-based. Variations of the dish, however, can derive their sourness from ingredients such as guava, kalamansi, or kamias. Seasoning powder or bouillon cubes with a tamarind base are c