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Ogawa Unveils Game-Changing Wellness Solutions

Ogawa MyZonic As Stress Awareness Month unfolds, OGAWA, a pioneer in wellness technology, introduces an array of innovative products designed to redefine relaxation and elevate lifestyles. From the bustling urbanite seeking respite to the discerning individual prioritizing self-care, Ogawa presents a suite of solutions tailored to promote serenity and well-being. At the heart of Ogawa 's offerings lies the Ogawa Smart Reluxe Lite, a marvel of engineering and design.  Boasting Airbag Massage Technology, Foot Rollers, and six meticulously crafted Auto Programs, this cutting-edge device transcends traditional massage chairs, offering unparalleled stress relief, improved sleep quality, and muscle relaxation. Priced at an affordable Php 4,138.88/month for 36 months, it beckons individuals to embark on a journey of tranquility without breaking the bank.  For those seeking an accessible yet indulgent relaxation experience, Ogawa introduces the Ogawa MyZonic. With its intuitive controls

OGAWA Celebrates Women with Masterful Offering

PRESS RELEASE     For all its complexities – aside from the gargantuan tasks expected of women – womanhood is also about embracing self-care and wellness. Elevate your well-being and honor the strength and grace of womanhood with OGAWA's Master Drive AI Genuine Leather, Master Drive Plus 2.0 Mocha, and Master Drive Plus Maroon. These exclusive massage chairs aren't just about relaxation; they symbolize empowerment and rejuvenation, making them the quintessential indulgence for every woman.     Master Drive AI Genuine Leather: A Symphony of Elegance and Comfort Elevate your senses with OGAWA's Master Drive AI Genuine Leather, a true embodiment of opulence. Immerse yourself in the caress of genuine leather, meticulously crafted to exude sophistication and provide unparalleled comfort. This isn't merely a massage chair; it's a statement of refined living. Let the advanced AI technology customize massages to your unique preferences, a bespoke journey to relaxa

"Dreamy" Gigantes Islands

  There's more to Iloilo City aside from being the gastronomy capital of the Visayas Island. Sand, sea and coconut trees at Cabugao Gamay It is home to Islas de Gigantes, a stunning group of islands known for their clear blue waters, white sand beaches, diverse marine life, and unique rock formations. If you're in for a sea-adventure head to Carles and enjoy the island chain consisting of Gigantes Sur and Gigantes Norte, along with several smaller islets, and sandbars -- 22 in all! This summer, you don't need to travel far and search for your favorite island. The island group of Gigantes Islands have them all! Australian guests and production crew enjoy a dip in the sea at the beach front of Mini Boracay Dreaming of Boracay white sands?  Gigantes has Tinagong Baybay and Mini Boracay. Be sure to come at low tide to fully enjoy and have that Boracay vibes with its white, fine sand and clear waters. Enjoying Tangke Lagoon If you're wanting the allure of Palawan, he

Pioneer Foundation’s WRAP fosters environmental responsibility to the youth

  The successful launch of WRAP at Majada In Elementary School in Laguna serves as a jump start for the young children to live a sustainable lifestyle   "The youth are the hope of the nation." This may sound as cliché but the sentiment remains as true as ever. When the Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal said this more than a hundred years ago, he emphasized the critical role that young people play in shaping the future of their communities and their countries. That’s why Pioneer Adhesives Foundation Inc ( PAFI) acknowledges the crucial role of educational institutions in shaping our youth of today. In a meaningful move, PAFI introduced the Waste Reduction Action Program (WRAP) to its first external audience, Majada In Elementary School in Calamba, Laguna. WRAP is designed to educate and inspire elementary students and teachers to engage in waste segregation, raise environmental consciousness, and diminish their plastic waste impact. On December 4, 2023, the

Health Experts Collaborate to Help Women Navigate Menopause Confidently

  "Biyaheng Menopause ng Pusong Pinay" was part of Women’s Heart Month 2024 celebrations in the country. the online forum on March 21, shed light on the inevitable transition of menopause and its profound implications for women's heart health. Why are menopausal women at risk of cardiovascular diseases? “During menopause, estrogen levels decline, reducing a woman’s natural protection against heart, brain, and bone disease,” Dr. Louella Santos  pointed out during the online forum, Usapang Puso sa Puso hosted by the Philippine Heart Association (PHA). Dr. Santos, PHA Director III and Advocacy Committee Chair, underscored the link between menopause and adverse changes in cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which significantly elevate the risk of CVD. “The decline in estrogen can lead to higher bad (LDL) cholesterol and lower good (HDL) cholesterol. This imbalance increases the risk of plaque buildup in arteries, which can restrict blood flow and increase the risk of heart

Experience vibrant Hong Kong with VFC Travel & Tours

  Ms. Vivien Chan (left) with supporters and consultants Harley, Aflie and Leony at VFC Travel and Tours headquarters in Quezon City PROMOTING friendship and camaraderie, Regal Hotels International recently hosted representatives from Philippine media and celebrity influencer Ashley Ortega at their renowned properties in Hong Kong. VFC Travel & Tours treated the PH media group to a sumptuous Chinese cuisine in Hong Kong on top of touring City Gates and nearby attractions VFC Travel & Tours, the official RSO, of Regal Hotels in the Philippines, made sure our group truly explored vibrant Hong Kong by creating a seamless, fun itinerary for us. Our group stayed at Regala Skycity Hotel in Lantau Island and at Regal Hong Kong Hotel in Causeway Bay. Actress Ashley Ortega enjoying her fashion finds and bargains at City Gates in Lantau Island, which is just 10 minutes bus ride from Regala SKYCITY Hotel. With her are Ruby, Cheska, and this writer. Regala Skycity Hotel, the latest add

Enjoy Pampanga's comfort foods at My Lola Nor’s Greenfield District

  After 12 years of serving Pampanga the best local cuisine and 3 branches -- Mabalacat, San Fernando, and Lakeshore -- plus a kiosk at Clark International Airport, My Lola Nor’s opens in Manila Manila, at the Greenfield District. Husband and wife Reymond and Elsa Jocson-Yabut, and business partner Dr. Raul Lapitan, happily announce the soft opening of Lola Nor's this March to delight the Manilenos of true Kapampangan cuisine and goodies. This writer, along with a select group of media representatives, were privileged to be the first to enjoy the sumptuous meals and the finest comfort food which Elsa, Nanay Leonora's daughter, has kept serving through the years from the original  recipes of Lola Nor. “Kapampangan cooking takes a lot of patience and effort because every recipe is a long process. Moreover, we don't scrimp on ingredients. That's the secret, Reymond said. My Lola Nor’s traces it humble beginnings as a meryendahan in Mabalacat City and eventually evolv