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Bold and fearless generation

Today’s young generation is bold and fearless – treading fields that was unheard of before. Women, in general, have even started conquering worlds that were dominated by men before! Have we lost our Maria Claras? Not really… It is just that women are responding to changing times and needs. And with the various opportunities and freedom given them nowadays, it would be a waste of time, God-given talents and favorable circumstances if they do not pay attention. The Whisper Fearless Fair held over the weekend featured confidence, freedom and fearlessness and everything that women can do.  The 2014 South East Asian Cheerleading Open All-girls Division Champion, DLSU Animo Squad, demonstrated exhilarating freedom that comes with unencumbered movement. While Pole Cats Manila  made their fearless and mesmerizing number as they flex, stretch and climb the pole with full confidence and grace. Beauteous racecar driver Michelle Bumgarner was also in the house and shared how s

Bakhawan Eco-Park: Philippines' most successful mangrove reforestation project

If there is one thing Aklan can be proud of and contribute to the rest of the Philippine islands, aside of course from the huge economic gain and tourism potential of Boracay, is its highly successful eco-tourism project. As huge bodies of water surround the country’s 7,107 islands and leave coastal residences vulnerable during natural calamities such as typhoons and tsunamis, a joint group of Kalibonhons in Kalibo, Aklan, has  devised a solution which could withstand  Mother Nature’s destructive forces.  The Kalibonhons has converted a mudflat into a mangrove forest, as the town’s first line of defense against strong surges, and it has become a tourist attraction known as Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre. The word "bakhawan", in the local dialect, means "mangrove". According to locals, an extensive range of mudflats sprawls on the coast of   Barangay New Buswang   in   Kalibo     making the village prone to floods and storm surges during unf