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Beautiful Isabela, Amazing People

Representatives of the national media pose before the giant Bambanti 2023 signage The province of Isabela isn’t called the “Queen Province of the North” for nothing. It is the second largest province in the Philippines, situated in the northeastern part of Luzon or the Cagayan Valley Region. It comprised of 34 municipalities and three cities: Ilagan, Cauayan, and Santiago serving as trade centers along with the municipality of Roxas. Isabela is the 9th richest province in the Philippines as of 2021 with Santiago City considered to have the fastest-growing local economy in the entire country.  Isabela is divided into three physiographical areas that contributes to the beauty of the province. Eastern Isabela is rugged and thickly forested. The massive Sierra Madre Mountain range straddles the entire length of the province from north to south. There is a vast natural park, home to variety of wildlife. It is also where Isabela’s best timber can be found. Coastal Isabela which is generally