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ASHLEY ORTEGA: Getting to know the actress and celebrity influencer

Ashley Ortega is one of the underrated actresses in Philippine entertainment industry. At a young age, she could easily delineate roles, bida-kontrabida, that's really meant for senior actresses the likes of Marriam in “Legal Wives” and as Jackie in "Widows' Web." A professional figure skater, she started skating at the age of 4 competing in different countries like Thailand and Malaysia. But television waved at her at the age of 12 for commercials and eventually she delved on acting with "Hearts on Ice" for her first bida role ever. For her remarkable portrayal as the dreamer Ponggay, Ashley was recognized as the Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the 2024 Platinum Stallion National Media Awards held last February. On May 30, 2024, Ortega won her first international award, as Best Actress in the 2024 Harlem International Film Festival for the 19th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival entry, "As if it's True," opposite the equally talented youn