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Bold and fearless generation

Today’s young generation is bold and fearless – treading fields that was unheard of before. Women, in general, have even started conquering worlds that were dominated by men before! Have we lost our Maria Claras? Not really… It is just that women are responding to changing times and needs. And with the various opportunities and freedom given them nowadays, it would be a waste of time, God-given talents and favorable circumstances if they do not pay attention. The Whisper Fearless Fair held over the weekend featured confidence, freedom and fearlessness and everything that women can do.  The 2014 South East Asian Cheerleading Open All-girls Division Champion, DLSU Animo Squad, demonstrated exhilarating freedom that comes with unencumbered movement. While Pole Cats Manila  made their fearless and mesmerizing number as they flex, stretch and climb the pole with full confidence and grace. Beauteous racecar driver Michelle Bumgarner was also in the house and shared how s

Bakhawan Eco-Park: Philippines' most successful mangrove reforestation project

If there is one thing Aklan can be proud of and contribute to the rest of the Philippine islands, aside of course from the huge economic gain and tourism potential of Boracay, is its highly successful eco-tourism project. As huge bodies of water surround the country’s 7,107 islands and leave coastal residences vulnerable during natural calamities such as typhoons and tsunamis, a joint group of Kalibonhons in Kalibo, Aklan, has  devised a solution which could withstand  Mother Nature’s destructive forces.  The Kalibonhons has converted a mudflat into a mangrove forest, as the town’s first line of defense against strong surges, and it has become a tourist attraction known as Bakhawan Eco-Park & Research Centre. The word "bakhawan", in the local dialect, means "mangrove". According to locals, an extensive range of mudflats sprawls on the coast of   Barangay New Buswang   in   Kalibo     making the village prone to floods and storm surges during unf

Outstanding Filipino Families: Helping others help themselves

Amid their daily struggles to make ends meet, this family generously shares their time and effort to help other families in need. This young family is led by a widowed mother who works as a laundrywoman to provide for her six children. Yet she is able –together with her kids – to volunteer as teacher to a non-profit organization that promotes social and economic development in depressed areas in Manila. One family, on the other hand,  has made it their advocacy to raise awareness about autism and offer support to other families who has a loved one with the same condition. Moreover, this family provides counseling and livelihood programs for parents of children with autism, as well as art workshops for kids. Another family –a young man in his mid 20s then and his mother—decided to adopt a young boy dumped by his own family. Moreover, he decided to adopt eight other homeless kids, and along with this new found family, offer literacy and values formation programs to impover

SPECIAL REPORT: Paigtingin ang Kaligtasan ng Pampublikong Sasakyan

Gaano kaligtas ang mga sasakyang pampubliko sa Pilinas? At sino ang dapat managot sa mga biktima ng trahedya o disgrasya sa public transport lalo na kung may naganap na kapabayaan mula sa panunuan nito? Kamakailan, umani ng batikos ang MRT sa disgrasyang kinasangkatutan ng maraming bata at kanilang mga ina at senior citizens. Bunsod ito ng pagtulak sa bagon ng MRT na nasira sa Magallanes station. Upang hindi maantala ang operasyon ng MRT  kinailangan itulak ang bagon ng isang pang unit ng MRT train. Sa kasamaang palad ay humiwalay ang pagkakarugtong ng dalawang tren sanhi upang dumeretso ang sirang bagon at lumampas ito sa riles na hangganan ng MRT station sa Pasay. Sa lakas ng impact ng tren marami ang tumilapon sa loob ng tren,naumpog at nasugatan. Salamat at walang binawian ng buhay sa aksidente at sinagot  naman ng pamunuan ng MRT ang naging gastusin ng mga biktima sa ospital. Sa mga nagdaang buwan at araw, samu’t saring aksidente naman sa bus ang naganap tulad ng pagkakahu

1Laba Day: Moms' special treat and day off from washing clothes

Text and photos by Mark Garcia I am a man but the labor and nitty-gritty of doing the laundry is nothing new to me. I do my own laundry ever since my high  school days even now that I already belong to the country’s work force. There was even a time that I was in charge of my three sisters’ laundry being the eldest of four kids, in a bid to help mom and pop as they work outside of the home to feed us four and send us to school. That’s why I was most willing to pitch-in for mom when he asked me to cover a laundry event by Unilever Philippines. It turned out that Unilever   through its detergent powder  brand Breeze was treating moms all over the country to a day off from washing clothes with   1Laba Day , a simultaneous nationwide event on   August 28, 2014, in Metro Manila (Pasig, Marikina, Quezon City, Pasay), North Luzon (Tarlac, Pangasinan),  South Luzon (Laguna, Cavite) Visayas (Cebu)  and Mindanao  (Davao). Breeze Laba Ladies and Laba Machines, sponsored by c

Edmark launches 90-day slimming challenge

Have you notice that you can't fit in your favorite clothes lately? Do you feel your excess weight, especially around your midsection, make it harder for you to breath, making simple tasks like walking up stairs difficult? Chances are you’d gained unreasonable weight.  Or you may be obese already. Obesity is defined as having excess proportion of total body fat. Analyzing your body mass index or BMI is one of the most common ways to measure or determine if you are obese or not. A person is considered obese when his or her weight is 20% or more above normal weight. In the Asian category of the data from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, you are already overweight if your BMI is between 24 and 26.9. Meanwhile, a person is already considered obese if his or her BMI is over 27. Who Should Lose Weight and Why The impact of being overweight or obese has on your body is one of the main reasons to lose weight. The more weight you gain, the more at risk yo